About us

Taking into consideration the sympathy towards the correspondent breed of dogs, it was not surprising that the music label founded in the year 2000 was called „Amstaff“. The figurehead of the brand is a logo with the shape of a dog (the American Stafford).

From the very beginning the qualities of the American Stafford – amongst them bravery, loyalty and perseverance – have been shaping the individual character of the brand.

It has been the original goal to implement all those qualities into a fashion brand, and so along the way of musical releases there have been edited fashion collections. The influence of the streets of Berlin has been strongly reflected in their design.

As the demand for brand clothes was continuously rising, the design and manufacturing of clothes has slowly become the outstanding company business and the music turned to an additional throw-in.

As the result, the company Amstaff Wear GmbH has been founded with the only area of business in designing, manufacturing and distributing street wear and remained an independent company at the same time.

The lifestyle in the streets of the German capital has been serving as basis and inspiration for brand products at the same time. With managing the artistic combination between sports and street wear, plus following recent trends in addition, “Amstaff” has been permanently succeeding in the creation of trendy fashion wear under one condition – staying loyal to the origin of the streets.

In order to be able to keep the company’s performance on the highest level ANEYONE, a designer from Berlin and author of many famous graffiti, has joined the team and took over the responsibility for design and style of the label fashion collections.

Stylish and hip design on the one hand and top quality products on the other hand have made us to a strong player on the German fashion market. Nowadays we are selling our products worldwide.